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Pilates goes beyond the "Healthy Individual"

Back care

Pilates exercises are really valuable in the care and prevention of back pain.

Pre/Post natal

Modifications can be used so that a woman can safely exercise during and after pregnancy.

Breast Cancer

It is essential that the shoulder girdle range of movement is established as soon as possible after surgery. The exercises focus on strength, addressing muscular imbalances.

Mature populations

Exercises can be performed safely , working core and peripheral muscle groups while keeping the body upright.

Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

Sports require mental and physical skills. Through Pilates mind and body awareness, sports enthusiasts can take their sport to another level.


Pilates strengthens the core and helps with efficient set up and swing.


Improves core strength , rotation and peripheral strength


This is one of the most physically demanding games. It takes strength, endurance, speed and agility.

Pilates helps all sports enthusiasts with core strength and good postural alignment. It reduces unnecessary strain on the muscles and joints and can be used post rehab after injury.


Have limited flexibility. They need to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve posture. Pilates helps build core strength , stronger muscles and improve blood flow as it works the body inside out.

" …an hour of Pilates a day…..and fitness-wise I am the best I've been for a long time." David Beckham.